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Customer Service Philosophy

Honest operation, pursue excellence, provide caring services, let customer satisfy, take into consideration for customer from the details, provide high-quality products and services for customer, thus create a safe and good living and production environment.

Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center is one of very important departments of Huike. Its main works include: accept customers’ comprehensive business consulting and provide technical support for them; accept, coordinate and handle customers’ complaint to solve their difficult problems; actively communicate and contact with customers to understand their feelings and needs, timely feedback the information to relevant departments and manufacturers to handle properly.

The Customer Service Center sets up Customer Management Department and Technical Service Department. The Customer Management Department mainly accepts customers’ comprehensive business consulting and the Technical Service Department mainly provides technical support and solutions for products’ pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale. In order to make every customer be satisfied in Huike and keep good trust relationship with company, we emphasize the pertinence and effectiveness of customer services and implement accepting responsibility system, namely, responsible for each call and problem of customer to promote feelings with each other and deepen understanding.

In the future, the staff of Customer Service Center will warm customers with love and build resplendence by services.